Dos and Don'ts during the CS exam


Explain what you are doing when you are examining the patient (Mr. Smith I am now going to feel for your thyroid gland...and that feels normal...)
Acknowledge everything that the SP tells you by OK or thank you or similar words or at least gestures. Use appropriate words/phrases. (For e.g. don't say OK when SP says "My sister died of lung cancer"!)
Ask permission before exam, before untying the gown
Congratulate, encourage whenever you get an opportunity
Speak slowly and clearly. Use can not in stead or can't and do not in stead of don't
Try to keep your eyes at the same level as the patient
Use open ended questions not leading questions
If you don't understand something ask the SP to repeat
Act confident and imagine as if you were seeing a real patient


Do not interrupt when the SP is talking
Do not fill in words for the SP
Do not make the patient change too many positions
Do not forget to say "Did that answer your question ? Do you have another question
Do not put the pen in your mouth
Do not raise eye brows or frown
Do not repeat same questions again and again
Do not keep looking at the computer in the room!
Do not mumble. Be loud and clear


  1. How about asking the patient when was the last time they had a comprehensive blood panel and what their levels where for instance:

  2. Ask the patient if they had a hormone panel done as well, knowing their blood levels is important.


Thank you for your time.